We DJs take our work very seriously and are always professional and entertaining.  We will work with you to play the music you and your guests want to hear (and avoid the songs you don’t care about).  We’ll gladly make any and all necessary announcements – but we don’t make extra chatter on the microphone.  We’re careful to play at an appropriate volume so people can have a pleasant conversation during dinner and still hear each other throughout each event.  We also go beyond “just playing music” – from plenty of pre-event planning assistance to day-of-event and behind the scenes guidance and work.

Sean K. McDonnell

Sean McDonnell, 40, has been DJing since 1991 and entertaining in one way or another since he was 10 years old.  He’s DJ’d at nearly 1,000 events.  Whether it’s classical or contemporary, he’s a fountain of knowledge when it comes to music.  He can play the dance classics or dive deep into a genre and pull out the hidden gems.

“I learned early on how to read the crowd and draw all ages and musical tastes out to the dance floor.  I feed off the energy from the dance floor and I love to mix a great event.”


The smallest event Sean has ever DJ’d was for a birthday party at coffee house for about 15 people.  He’s also entertained at weddings with 500 guests and even DJ’d for 20,000 at Joe Louis Arena for Detroit Red Wings games.

Sean has DJ’d using a variety formats including laptops, CDs, mini discs and records but mainly works with CDs with mp3s as a back up.

While he’s always ready to play music of any genre, Sean most enjoys big band/swing, 50s, Motown and 80s/90s dance.  He’s also a professional ballroom dance instructor.  Sean has a bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations from Michigan State University.  He’s lived in Michigan his entire life and resides in Troy, Mich. with his wife, Laura, and their two sons.

David Kujawa

Dave Kujawa, 49, has been into music since he was six years old.  He grew up in a musical family, playing a variety of instruments.  Later, he owned his own record company and now has been DJing for more than 20 years.

“I love to make people happy with music,” said Dave.  “I love to read parties.  I have a knack for figuring out what style of music will get people out to the floor.”

While classic rock is his personal favorite, he also enjoys all types of dance, disco, Christian, 60s and “everything classic.”  Dave never stops collecting music or upgrading and improving his equipment and lighting.

Dave graduated from Walsh College with a bachelor’s degree in business management.  He has served in the U.S. Military for four years active duty and 28 years in the Air Force Reserves and is currently a military photographer. He resides in Troy, Mich. with his three children.

Jason Spranger

Jason Spranger, 26, likes to reflect the brides and grooms he's DJing for through his music.  He's DJ'd around 100 weddings in the past six years.  He's versatile and flexible and brings more than 40,000 songs to every special event at which he performs.  Jason typically has an assistant working with him, giving him the ability to not only play great music and MC but be out on the dance floor, rounding up the bridal party or getting special guests ready for formalities.

His extensive music list consists of CDs, mp3s and records covering top 40/current hits, dance, rock and roll from the past 50-plus years, oldies, big band and swing, jazz, country and Christian to name a few.  Jason brings special lighting if requested. 

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