There is a difference between home audio and professional road-worthy equipment. The equipment a DJ uses should be built to go on the road each and every day.

All Night DJs uses only professional sound and lighting equipment.  We use only major DJ brands including Crown amps, Numark mixers, Denon players, Shure microphones, Cerwin-Vega and Mackie speakers, Fender PAs, Technics turntables and American DJ lighting.

A cheap cord can turn fine wine into sludge, so we only use the highest quality available with full lifetime warranties, which means they’re the best.  We even roll our cords up loosely at the end of the night, instead of stretching them around an arm, which leads to wear and sound distortion.

Our systems can entertain for a small group of people or a large hall with 600 guests.  If you have an even larger group, we can expand our systems to accommodate your needs.

We have multiple sound systems available.  For the vast majority of our events, a full system is used that includes everything needed to produce quality music and announcements, a cordless microphone for any speeches and lighting.  We do not use lasers, strobes or fog unless requested in advance.

If you need music in a separate area for a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or any other need, we have smaller sound systems available as well.  These can include wireless handheld or lapel microphones.  ANDJs will provide all the setup, teardown and MC/DJ services involved for all systems at your event.

Normally these second sound systems will work independently of the main system.  But we’re one of only a few DJ companies in southeast Michigan with full wireless capabilities.  In addition to wireless microphones, we also have wireless speakers available.  This allows us to setup a second sound system on the other side of a large room or in a different area completely and broadcast the same music and announcements.  Instead of playing louder from one side of the room, we can balance it throughout.

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