Don't take our word for it -- here are comments from All Night DJs' clients.

"ANDJs is the most professional DJ company I have ever worked with. Their easygoing nature, extensive play list, warmth and sincerity will help to make your event one to be remembered. It is always a pleasure to recommend them to my clients because I know they will be getting real value for their dollar and will have an absolute jam-packed dance floor all night!" Karen Vazquez, Owner, Pearls of Wisdom Wedding and Event Planning

"Of all the DJ's our entertainment company has worked with over the years, All Night DJs is the most professional, honest, and well-organized DJ we have had the pleasure of working with.  Whether is it a wedding, private party or corporate event, ANDJs has the experience and ability to please the client and make every event is a huge success!"   Karen Pollock, Vice President, Jack Grenier Productions, Inc.—Full Service Entertainment Company

"Sean McDonnell, thank you for your professionalism, When Sean is the DJ on any of my events, I have found him to timely, professional and knowledgeable! I have full confidence in Sean and his ability to read a crowd and to keep the entertainment lively and interesting!" Carolyn R. Hefner, The China Closet – Weddings and Special Events

“All of my guests had a great time.  Everyone agreed that ANDJs was able to play the right music at the right time.  The dance floor was packed all night long with a wide variety of ages.  It was a great night thanks to ANDJs!” Traci Elder

“Our guests of all ages, including my 80-year-old parents – said your choice of music was wonderful.” Carolyn Wyckhuys

“We were very pleased with ANDJs. They were very professional, organized and confident. They did not make a bunch of silly or ridiculous comments into the microphone, unlike other DJs we’ve heard. A couple of times, I was so nervous I wasn’t sure what was coming next in the schedule, but they guided us right through it, making it look as though we rehearsed everything.” Cynthia Barzyk

“We absolutely loved our experience with ANDJs and could not recommend them highly enough!” Aimee Hadley

“Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job at our wedding.  I appreciate your timeliness, professionalism and taste in music.  You managed to get people dancing on a Sunday afternoon.” Rebecca and Justin Carls

“Thank you again for the wonderful job you did.  We were so pleased and received many compliments on your work.  We appreciated your promptness, professionalism and music selections.” Rick and Kathy Knape

“You did exactly what we asked and threw in your own things – perfect balance.  We’ve received several compliments.  We will definitely recommend you!” Heather and Terry Poirier

 “Our guests enjoyed the dance lessons and the energy you portrayed.  We enjoyed your helpfulness and your flexibility the most.” Sarah Keilman

“The music and lighting was fun and encouraged people onto the dance floor.  Your coordination of the bridal party and events was flawless.  Our guests were impressed by how well you read the room and how classy the night was.” Wanda and Mike Rappel

“My family members and we felt our wedding reception went so very smoothly. I would like to again say ‘good job’ and ‘great work.’  I am still receiving compliments regarding the music and how elegant the reception was.  This has a large part to do with ANDJs and I cannot tell you how very much I appreciate all of your help and assistance in making our wedding a wonderful memory.  I also appreciate the fact that you have helped ‘raise the standard’ to other weddings for our family and friends. Peter & Shayna Gruenwald

 “ANDJs kept the dance floor packed the entire night with a variety so the middle-aged, old, young and even foreign guests all enjoyed themselves. I have had a lot of compliments on how fun my wedding was and people who never dance, danced all night, which was my main goal.” Carina Signori

“Many guests commented on what a good job you did as well as how impressed they were that there were so many people out on the floor and that you taught the dance moves for the group dances. As MC, you did a great job coordinating everything and allowed us to completely enjoy our reception.” Nichole Short

“I have heard raving reviews about the Daddy/Daughter dance, namely, the DJ. You did a fantastic job getting the dads and girls out on the floor. I was already warned that we need you to come back next year.  Thank you so much for your energy and dance skills. I wish I could forward you all the compliments received so far, there are many.” Debbie DeSantis

“ANDJs was excellent. Everyone at the reception had great things to say. They were very professional and kept everything running smoothly. We could not have been happier.” Sean Watson

 “We want to thank ANDJs for being so professional and helpful at our wedding reception. The evening was so fun and guests kept telling us afterwards what a great time they had. We are so glad that you were our DJ.  We will be recommending you to other couples in the future.” Raquel & Michael Saltsman

“ANDJs promptly returned emails, gave us excellent song suggestions and had reasonable pricing. Everyone had a great time. We were happy that ANDJs stuck to the song list that we provided.” Scott & Stacey Yarrington

 “I felt like I knew ANDJs and they understood my needs. Thank you for making our reception entertaining! You picked fun dancing music. You definitely helped keep the guests dancing.” Kendele Sluka

“We appreciated your help in keeping us on time with scheduled activities during our reception. You were respectful and attentive to our needs and other demands on our time.” EstelleD’Souza

“There are cheaper DJs out there, but none who performed as well. Everybody agreed ANDJs had the floor jumping all night and the sound and song transitions were amazing.  The volume was perfect as well. Also, understanding how busy clients are with their wedding and being flexible with them is a big plus for ANDJs.” Patty Scholl

“ANDJs did an amazing job! I was so happy to see how many people were dancing all night long. I had such a great time and I know from hearing from others that they did too.” Mary Beth Dehn

“ANDJs did such an incredible job. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the music and how good a time they were having. You really are great at working the crowd and keeping the dance floor full.  Thanks so much for a fabulous evening!” Maria Tucci

“You did a wonderful job! Everyone loved the music and the timing was perfect! I don’t think the dance floor was empty all night. You listened to what we wanted and adjusted to the crowd and what they were enjoying dancing to. Thanks for helping to make our reception a success!” Patty Kramer

“Thanks so much for helping to make our wedding enjoyable and fun! We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people telling us how much fun they had cutting a rug at our wedding – children to grandparents.” Mike & Tanya Boucher

“Everything was very professional. People were dancing and having fun. I felt really comfortable with ANDJs. I didn’t feel silly asking lots of questions.” Deana Derocha              

“I cannot recommend ANDJs strongly enough. They truly made our wedding a success. From the dinner music, which was quiet and enjoyable, to running the show like an expert, to playing fun dance music from all decades so that everyone could get involved, ANDJs did a wonderful job to help our wedding run smoothly and allow for all the guests to have a wonderful time!” Victor & Stacey

“ANDJs did a wonderful job. They played all the right music at the right times. He was well organized from beginning to end. I can’t think of a single thing that went wrong. Everyone gave nothing but rave reviews about ANDJ’s performance.” Barbara Moore

“ANDJs did an awesome job at our wedding. They were very polite and personable. ANDJs did a terrific job at reading the room and selecting the perfect music.” Lisa Curley

“I think ANDJs was fantastic! They were accessible to us and all of our guests without being the center of attention like many other DJs like to be. ANDJs was professional but fun and they know exactly what ‘feel’ we were going for with our wedding. They respected our song choices and theme and made sure to find songs that fit. We were very impressed and pleased with everything.” Carey Larson

“ANDJs was involved with the crowd, but not too involved. They were by far the most professional and organized of all my vendors and a pleasure to work with.” Katie Clow

“I can’t say enough great things about ANDJs. They were professional, entertaining, knowledgeable and detailed. I will give them a raving recommendation to all my friends.” Tracy Anderson

“ANDJs did an excellent job at our reception. We were very pleased with how everything turned out. The music selection was great – a nice variety of traditional songs along with more of the swing/ballroom we requested. We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. They did everything we expected plus more. We really appreciate ANDJs being the MC for the night along with their help in keeping us on schedule with the various events. There was so much going on that without their help, everything would not have gone smoothly. Many guests also commented positively about you and how they enjoyed your interaction with them.”  Miranda Lau

“You were perfect! You kept things flowing very well at the beginning and kept all dancers happy toward the end.  We all really appreciate the last couple songs that were extra due to the chants for “more.”  We couldn’t have asked for any better.  Thank you very much.”  Becky & Jeremy Newcombe

“Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job of DJing our reception.  The whole evening went so smoothly thanks to you.  You kept the flow of the reception moving and you chose excellent music.  We’ve had so many compliments about what a fun reception it was and that’s because of the great job that you did.” Kelly & Zack Smith         

“Our guests said that this was one of the most fun weddings they have been to.  The evening went very smoothly.  The entertainment was a perfect fit in a perfect day.” Jarrett & Laurie Bambery

“We think you did a fantastic job and treated us and our guests great.  We look forward to using or referring you to any other entertainment needs for us or friends/family.  We were very impressed with the music selection and the price.” Kelly & Jeremy Jenkins

“Excellent job! You made our day so perfect all the way from to the end of the night.  Perfect!  Thanks for all your hard work.” Amy & Matt Dziurman

“Extremely professional business approach.  We had a high comfort level.  We heard only positive comments.  You helped make our special day all the better.” Amanda & Anthony Winters

“The music selection was wonderful and you handled the flow of events beautifully.  You got both young and older guests out dancing.  Several guests told me how sore their legs were from dancing all night.  You were more than we expected.” Kathie & Rob Flanery

“You were very professional and organized.  The music was great and we had several friends tell us they had a blast. We felt like we didn’t need to worry because we could trust you to keep everything running smoothly. You clearly went above and beyond the call of duty. We had a great time and we really appreciate everything you did to make that possible.” Greg & Jennifer Janus

“Everything was great – we’ve referred you to our friends already.  Thank you so much for great entertainment.  You were also very organized which made us feel at ease.” Sue Lewandowski

“So many people have commented on how much fun they had dancing and how cool it was to see the DJ teaching and getting involved in the group dances.  Everyone was very pleased and our families have already recommended you to a few people.” Brad & Heide Church

“Thank you for the awesome job you did for the wedding.  I had so many compliments on the way it went and I owe a lot of that to you.  You ran the show, which made it so much easier for me to just relax and watch.  I haven't seen so many people on a dance floor at a wedding in years.  There were more people up than down.  My daughter called just before she left on her honeymoon to say thanks for the great party mom.   So I thank you for the great party.”   Robin Blesener

“ANDJs was simply the best I have ever heard.  Fun and personal, he impressed so many people that day.  My wife's sister hired him for her wedding six months later.”  Jeff Fosnaugh

“You really helped coordinate things to make sure things went smoothly.  The music was perfect, people were dancing the whole time, and the music was just at the right volume.”  Stephen Yen

“Thank you so much for making our wedding so fun.  We have gotten many compliments on the DJ and the music.  We also liked how you came on the dance floor to teach the group dances.” Andrea Scoles

Thanks so much for helping in the success of our wedding reception.  Everyone who we talked to afterwards really enjoyed the dance lesson and the music.  We would highly recommend you.  Thanks again.” Chong Soo Kim

“My friends have told me that I had a great DJ and that you played excellent music.  My 70-year old aunt loved the music so it pleased everybody.  Thank you for playing the music I requested.  I really appreciate the professionalism and time you put into our wedding.  You did an excellent job!”   Rebecca Binno and Hal Savage

“Everyone was very satisfied with your service and music selection.  We will certainly remember you for future service and our friend’s wedding.”   Scott and Holly Tipton

“Everything was great.  We’ve referred you to our friends already.  You were also very organized which made us feel at ease.”   Sue & Chaz

“Thank you so much for the great job you did at Kelly and Jeremy's wedding. We had so much fun. So many of our friends told us that they thought it was great that you took the time to show people how to do some of the dances. You made it easy for someone to learn a dance and try it!!! All of us are so glad that you did the entertainment. You've raised the bar for DJ's.” JoAnne McGinn, mother of the bride

“Thanks for being so flexible with our music selections.  Everyone enjoyed dancing at our wedding.  Thanks for honoring all my requests.”  Eli and Shannon Fashho

“Everybody loved you!  Charming and great music selections. Wonderful cooperation. If we weren’t so old and tired we would have gone on all night!”   Carrie Hess and Joe Brzoska

“My guests were all very pleased.  We received a lot of compliments about the music.  We were very pleased with how involved you were with the reception.”  Carisa and John VanHouten

“I have received only positive comments from our staff.  I appreciated your assistance and conscientiousness during the recognition presentation.”   Tobye Stein

“The wedding was great and you were just wonderful. A DJ can make or break a party and everyone had lots of fun up until the last minute. Thanks so much.”  Rabbi Miriam S. Jerris, Ph.D

“Thank you so much for sharing your DJ talents with us on our wedding day.  It was just lovely.  Everything went well.  You set a great mood for our luncheon reception.  Thank you!” Leslie Maeder-Knopf and Brad Knopf

“You did a fantastic job.  You were very professional, always returning our phone calls promptly. If there was one thing we felt confident about before the reception, it was the music.  You provided excellent overall service.  Thank you.”   Jenny and Karl Davids

“The music was a blend and they even played a few swing songs for me.  My friends were so relieved to walk into their reception after pictures to find people enjoying themselves instead of bored like other receptions they had been too.  Everyone had a great time, and I know the newlyweds as well as myself would definitely recommend ANDJ's to anyone that is in need of a top notch DJ for any occasion.”  Derek Cronin

 “All Night DJ's was absolutely wonderful.  They played the songs we requested and had a wide variety for everyone.  They were so wonderful our guests pitched in so they could stay longer and keep the party going.  Thank you for helping make our dream wedding come true.”  Rebecca Akers

“Many, many sincere thanks for the absolutely awesome job you did DJing our wedding.  You are amazing and we truly appreciate your talents both as a DJ and dance instructor.  We received many compliments on the fun guests had.  Also, our wish was granted – the party lasted!  Our last friend was dragged off the dance floor by her husband at midnight – that says it all.  The music selection was perfect!”  Marina & Paul Nelson

“All Night DJs consistently entertains.  The dedication and report with participants was delightful and a great deal of fun.  I highly recommend them, and look forward to using them again for future events.”  Gwen Koehler - Committee Member, Detroit Young Adult Catholics

“All Night DJs was one of the most competent DJ companies I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.  The variety was outstanding and entertaining.  Their services made for a very successful event.” Andrew Dorff

"I had All Night DJs for Family Dance Night and the night was a great success!  With all the different ages there, they really related well to the crowd.  I will definitely contact them again for the next L.A. Dance event!!" Laura Berger, Owner, LA Dance

"All Night DJs performed extremely well for a variety of events for SPIRIT of Ford – Ford Motor Company's Automotive Adventure Center.  From media previews and exhibition openings to off-site parties, the professionalism, quality and high standards ensure a stress-free audio production.  The vast selection of music is incredible, and is executed flawlessly." Patricia Evans, Marketing Supervisor, SPIRIT of Ford

“All Night DJs played for a fund raising event at our church and literally was the highlight of the event.  Their style in DJing and dance instruction compelled people of all ages, (even the stuffed shirts), to join in on the dance floor and have a good time.  They are very accommodating to their customers and demonstrate their unmatched commitment to exceptional entertainment of any event, big or small.  Their enthusiasm for music and dance is contagious and ensures that everyone will have fun at a special celebration!!!”   Jackie Olivares

“All Night DJs did a great job DJing our work party.  They played everyone's requests, knew what to play in between, and kept us on the floor all night.  Everyone in attendance was thrilled with them – people talked about it for weeks!”   Natalie Shammas, TRW

“Thank you, Sean, for a wonderful wedding. You are so very awesome and I will recommend you to anyone I know getting married. You made the wedding. Thanks again.”  Susan Nelson

“Thanks again for providing DJ services for our recent Girl Scout dance.  You did a great job of keeping the girls and dads out of their chairs and on the dance floor.  We look forward to an opportunity to use your services at a future event.”  Kathy Brigolin

“Everything turned out great and you came and got me to get things rolling.  You knew when to get started on everything.”  Jessica Nenninger

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