Here's a list of common questions asked by clients considering our services.

Are you good?  Yes, and let us explain why we think so.  First, the majority of our business comes from referrals – past clients who were happy with our work or guests who saw our abilities and wish to retain our services.  Second, we get a lot of repeat business from individuals, companies and groups.  Third, we’re referred to by many of the best wedding and event planning companies in Metro Detroit – companies that know who are the best DJs in the area.  Finally, we get stellar reviews in our client surveys.

Are you experienced?  Yes.  Our DJs have worked a minimum of 250 events over a span of 15 years or more.  This is considerably higher than the typical DJ.

Will you play my requests?  Will you play my CDs?  Yes, we’ll work with you in advance to understand the music you want played.  We’ll even avoid songs, artists or even genres of music that you don’t want played.  We’ll gladly play CDs provided by a client in advance or at the event.  We prefer not to play CDs provided spontaneously by guests as we don’t know what song is on the disc and if it’s an appropriate version, so we have to clear that with our client.

Do you take guest requests for songs?  Absolutely, as long as it doesn’t conflict with guidelines set by you, the client.  This normally means nothing with offensive lyrics or anything that we were specifically asked in advance not to play.  If we have to say “no” to a request, we try to work with your guest to see if there’s another song that could be played instead.

Do you talk a lot on the microphone?  No DJ thinks they talk too much, but we keep it to announcements that are planned in advance.  The only other time we’ll flip the microphone on is for dedications or to announce a group dance.

Do you do karaoke?  Yes we do, with an enormous karaoke library, but it needs to be requested in advance.

Do you bring backup gear?  Yes.  Every professional DJ does.  But we use quality equipment and maintain it – we’ve never had a piece of gear fail during an event.

Are you licensed?  There’s no such thing for DJing in Michigan.  We are a registered business with the State of Michigan and we do have liability insurance.

Have you ever been late?  We’ve never started an event late.  We always arrive early enough and are setup with about 30 minutes to spare.

How loud do you play the music?  “Loud” is subject to interpretation and we like to keep everyone happy so we err on the side of caution.  During cocktail/meal time, we make sure the guests closest to the speakers can still hear each other.  For the open dancing, the volume will pick up, but we don’t believe that playing the music louder makes people want to dance more.  We’ve been told to “turn it up” much more often than “turn it down.”  In fact, one comment that routinely shows up on our surveys is that clients received many compliments about the DJ’s volume.

Is the music family-appropriate?  Unless a client specifically requests other types of music, we play music for all ages.  We DJ many kids parties as well as countless schools and religious groups.  We can definitely keep it clean.

Will you work with other entertainers and performers at our event?  Absolutely.  If you have a soloist, quartet or entire band playing at any time, we’ll be very flexible and work with their schedule.  Sometimes other entertainers will hook into our gear to broadcast their sound, but that’s something that should be discussed in advance for the sake of equipment compatibility.

Do you take breaks?  No.  Well, not really.  Just a minute or two, if needed, but there’s always music playing, so there’s no time that we completely shut down.

Do you work alone or with another DJ?  We normally work alone.  Sometimes for larger events or kids parties we work as a team, but we’ll discuss that in advance.  We have tons of experience and know how to handle any situation.  Some DJ companies send out two DJs to events, but one is usually a trainee, roadie or assistant with very little experience, which doesn’t benefit the client.  The majority of professional DJs work alone.

Why would I hire a DJ when I have an iPod?  We could talk quite a bit about this, but to summarize, a good DJ is more experienced, flexible, entertaining, reliable and professional.  You can’t read a crowd with an iPod, you still need to rent professional sound gear and lighting as well as have someone set it up, run it and tear it down, which includes troubleshooting rental gear that may not work.  You still need someone to MC the event and do all the behind the scenes organization.  Finally, the two biggest factors in the success of a wedding or special event are the food and the entertainment.  The entertainment is typically about five percent of the total budget.  According to our surveys, entertainment is responsible for 67% of the success of an event.  Consider hiring a professional DJ/MC as a small investment with a big return.

Don’t see your question here?  We’d love to talk to you, just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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