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Battle of the Bands 2024!

BIG3's Swing Dance

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Our Story

Letter from our Founder

Passing the Torch

Since October 2000, the BIG3 Swing Dance has been produced by All Night Entertainment.

All future dances will be produced by the Clarkston Arts, including one on March 16, 2024 in the Masonic’s Crystal Ballroom.

The Clarkston Arts is a wonderful organization and its Executive Director, Leanna Haun, is a personal friend of mine for 20 years. I am confident that Leanna and the Clarkston Arts will continue the many traditions of the BIG3 and maintain its style and theme. I look forward to acting as a consultant and attending it as a guest next year.

Looking Back

I never thought the BIG3 would last this long. Its success is due to the characteristics listed in its name:
Big Band – we’ve always had fantastic, entertaining, high-energy bands stocked with talented musicians.
Big Floor – starting in Pontiac at the Lafayette Grande and soon moving to the gorgeous Masonic Temple, the halls have always done their part to set the theme and take us back in time.
Big Crowd – nearly 15,000 people stepped through the doors and onto the floor over 42 dances. Some only came once while there are others who have been to every single dance.
Laura and I are grateful for everyone who ever attended, the many musicians who graced us with their talents and the staff at the Masonic and Lafayette. Thank you all! - Sean


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